2014 Honor Roll of Donors

Below is a list of individuals and companies that have supported DSF with a donation in 2014. DSF is extremely grateful to these donors for their generosity. In all, $199,589 was donated to DSF in 2014. Thanks to these generous donors, DSF was able to provide more than $40,000 in grants to members of the DSF "family". Visit the GRANTS page to view those grants. If you believe your name is missing from this list, please let us know: manager@dsfoundation.org
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Sanpalo Investments Corp
Triple Canopy, Inc.

$7,000 - 9,999

Cavalier Logistics
Chenega Corporation
Olgoonik Global Security
Olive Group
Zolon Tech Inc

$2,500- 4,999
Alutiiq, LLC
Coca-Cola Company
Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.
DMI, Inc
General Dynamics Information Technology
Sterling Global Operations
Tate, Inc

$1,500- 2,499
Baldre, Robert
Chase, Henri (in mem. George Slike)
General Dynamics Land Systems
Intercom Federal Systems
Morton, Joe
Taliaferro, Clifford  

Akal & Coastal Security
Barnard,  Thomas A
Bettis, Dave
BP America, Inc
Brackins, David
Cook, Brian
Cotter, Marian
DECO Security Services
Inter-Con Security Systems
Kidd, David
McKennan, John
Oakwood Worldwide
Reilly, Chris (In mem of DSS agents who passed away in 2013 and 2014)
Sapient Government Services
Seitz, Joyce D
Assouri, Rashel
Beckner, Mike
Bozworth, Jeffrey
Buchanan & Edwards
Cohen, Marc
Considine, Mary Ann
Counts, Roger D
Cronin, Daniel S.
Eustace, Jr, John
Four Seasons DC
Gallant, Kim & Peter
General Electric
Gilcrest, George (In memory of our fallen colleagues. Your sacrifices will not be forgotten)
Hunt, James
Kettering, William
Lebow, Dennis
Minor, James
Neves, Antonio
O'Brien, Robert
Sherwin Williams
Sims, Jeremy
SMR Group
TorchStone Page Inc.
Walt Disney World

Abbott, Tamika
Armor, William
Barry, Kevin
Blue Ridge Shadows Golf Club
Cairo, Frank
Clyde's Restaurant Group
Cron, Nina
Cygrymus, Michael
Davidson, Adelaide H
Davies, Paul
Deering, Walt and Karen
Devilla, Dean
Espire Services
Flowers, Cliff & Anne
Galeotti, Peter  
Higgins, Katherine
Hopkins, Barry  
Hucke, John
Loftus, Andrew
Mcaleer, Elizabeth
Mcaleer, Elizabeth
Mecke, Fred
Meixner, Jason
Moe, Grace  
Nuernberger, Bob
Orvis, Clare  
Rapidan Golf Course
Rubinstein, Daniel
Ruddick, Terrence
Santiago, Jason
Schools, Jacqueline  
Sensenig, Allegra & Chris Leibengood (In memory of my father, Paul Sensenig, who embodied the spirit of helping those less fortunate.) 
Shedd, Matthew
Shiller, Peter
Stonewall Golf Club
Tee It Up Promotions
Vienna Inn/VIP Luxury Coach
Wintergreen Resort
Zawistowski, Barb & Len

Allison, Douglas
Amazon Smile Foundation
Arich, Daniel - RSO Bishkek
Bailey, Lance
Baltimore Orioles
Barnes, Joshua
Bashnan, Wendy
Bell, Tony
Bergin, Peter
Boyett, Molly & Mark
Bujac, Greg
Campbell, Thomas (In honor of Allegra Sensenig)
Cantrell, Karen
Capriglione, Pasquale
Caputi, Leonardo
Catipon, Ron
Collins, Mary Beth & Bud
Danzig, Mark
Davis, Robert
De Jong, Albert ("For the guards")
DeVilla, Dean L. - RSO LIMA
Disney, Christopher
Dodge, Greg
Ford, Peter
Haag, David
Halverson, Kris
Hill, Leonard
Hornbeck, Robert
Horvath, Christian
Hutton, Jim
Kane, John V.
Keegan, Patrick J
Keeter, Adam H.
Ketchem, Fred ("Gift in Thanksgiving")
Labranche, Ryan  
LaFranchi, Michael (Daniel)
Lindenfeld, Seth

$100-199 continued
McKeever, Thomas
Minor, Jim
Moore, Barry
Moore, Jessica  
Mount Vernon Country Club
Mulvey, Mark
Murray, Brenda
Nicholas, David
Nicolas, Ebony
Pfeiffer, Scott
Reid, Donald
Robinson, Roger H.
Rosler, Aaron - BSAC 115
Sabo, Janet
Satanek, John  
Saunders, Brian - RSO Lahore (In memory of FSNIs Javed Iqbal & Tayyab Salman)
Schnaible, James & Linda
Sears, Tanya
Smith, Abigail
Tello, John
Trites, Bill
Washington Nationals
Washington Redskins
Weis, John
Wright, Stephen

Anderson Jr, Nathaniel
Avery, Victoria
Balachandran, K
Baltimore Ravens
Bedel, Joshua R
Burns, William P.
Clancy, William
Gregory, Rick
Harvey, Gordon
Harvey, James - BSAC 99
Kerwin, Timothy
Lockwood, Timothy P.
Rinehart, Kathy & Michael (With thanks & love to my nephew, James Lane)
Stitzer, Ryan T
Washington Capitals

$Amount unspecified via CFC
Freeman, John
Harris, Katherine
Huff, Jason
Mencl, Roger
Pernick, Matthew
Rice, Stephen
Robinson, Mark
Robinson, Mark
Thurman, Marsha