DSF Charity Golf Outing:
Hey RSOs, FOs, and BSACs: We need you to become sponsors!!

You may be too far away to come and golf at this year's golf outing on June 5, 2017, but you aren’t too far away to support DSF by sponsoring a hole at the event!

The golf outing is our main fundraiser, and donations raised go towards supporting the DSF mission of providing for those in the DS “family” during times of hardship or crisis, and we also provide about $20K in scholarships to DS kids.  (Check out a list of who DSF has helped: GRANTS).

Thanks to our friends at NYFO

Thanks to our friends at NYFO

We’re hoping to churn up some healthy competition amongst RSOs, Field Offices and BSAC classes to see which group can bring in the most sponsorships! Last year, we had four groups at the $175 Hole Sponsorship level (thank you BSAC 49, DS/IP/OPO, and RSOs Baghdad and Windhoek) – that gets your name in the golf program, on our SPONSOR page and on a shared sign at a hole (there are four Hole Sponsors per sign). BSAC 99 and RSO Jerusalem kicked it up a notch, donating at the $500 Copper Sponsor level, which got them their very own sign and an ad in the golf program!

So spread the word, shake down your colleagues, scrounge up $175 (or better $500!) and help support DSF. Send us a photo of your group and we’ll post it here on this page and our FaceBook page!

All donations to DSF are 100% tax deductible. To become a sponsor, email DSF at sarah@dsfoundation.org or visit our GOLF page

2017 RSO BSAC and Field Office Sponsors


$175 Hole Sponsors:
RSO Windhoek


Photo from 2015 event   

Photo from 2015 event



$175 Hole Sponsors:
BSAC 118 - 2 holes in honor of Jack Manahan

Photo from 2015 event


Field Offices

$500 Copper Sponsors:


Photo from 2014 event