Past DSF Scholarship Awardees


$5,000 Award Recipients
Isabella Blackman
Attending The University of Virginia, Daughter of Brian Blackman, Special Agent

Elizabeth Chung
Attending The University of Virginia, Daughter of Foon Chung, Retired Agent

$2,500 Award Recipients
Peter Bruchnak
Attending The University of Michigan, Son of Kirk Bruchnak, Investigative Analyst

Patrick French
Attending UCLA, Son of Michael French, Retired Agent

Sabrina Harms
Attending The University of Virginia, Daughter of Glenn Harms, Security Engineering Officer

Michael Hayes
Attending Middlebury College, Son of Paul Hayes, Special Investigator

Addison Patrick
Attending The University of Virginia, Daughter of Carolyn Patrick, Personal Security Specialist Team lead (DS/SI/DSS)

Victoria Spiotto
Attending The University of Virginia, Daughter of Gaetano Spiotto, Retired Agent/DOJ-ATF DS Special Investigator



$5,000 Award Recipients
Ellissa Goldberg,
Attending Tulane University, Daughter of Elyce Ditchek Goldberg Contract Investigator

Abigail Minor
Attending College of William & Mary, Daughter of James Minor DS Agent, Protective Intelligence Investigation

$2,500 Award Recipients
Megan Barnard
Attending Boston University, Daughter of Maria Barnard Special Investigator, DS/SI/PSS

Taylor Bochantin
Attending Murray State University, Daughter of Dennis Bochantin Retired Special Agent

Julia Gibbons
Attending the University of Mary Washington, Daughter of Peter Gibbons Office Director, Physical Security Programs  

Roberto (Leo) Medrano
Attending Georgia Institute of Technology, Son of Roberto Medrano DS Special Agent

Madison Murray
Attending University of Illinois, Daughter of Thomas Murray DRSO, Jakarta

Shannon Romutis
Attending The University of Virginia, Daughter of Timothy Romutis DS/CMP/ECB-Engineer-Contractor

Hunter Smith
Attending University of Mississippi, Daughter of Mark J. Smith DS Special Agent

Darius Williams
Attending Case Western Reserve University, Son of Joseph V. Williams DS Special Agent

8th Annual DSF Scholarship Award – 2014

Salvatore Capriglione
Attending George Washington University’s Elliot School of Foreign Affairs, Son of Pasquale Capriglione Retired SA

Caitlin Cosentino
Attending SUNY at Buffalo, Daughter of Curt Cosentino DS at US Mission

David Hollingsworth
Attending The College of William & Mary, Son of Louis Hollingsworth Retired Security Engineer Officer

Erin McFarland
Attending Christopher Newport University, Daughter of Elizabeth McFarland Special Investigator

Grace Wilson
Attending Drexel University, Daughter of Kristie Wilson DS/PSS Contract Special Investigator

7th Annual DSF Scholarship Award – 2013

2013 Maxwell Robertson Harmon DSF Scholarship Award

Karen Munyan
Attending Stanford University ,Daughter of Walter Munyan, DS/T/ATA East Africa Program (contractor) 

2013 DSF Scholarship Award

Kerri Bochantin
Attending the University of Kentucky, Daughter of Dennis Bochantin, retired DS SA

Kelsi Faley
Attending Virginia Tech, Daughter of Joseph Faley, DS Contractor/Security Specialist (current)

Ryan Gill
Attending Tufts University, Son of Elaine Gill DS, Contractor (current)

Alexandra Griffin
Attending Vanderbilt University, Daughter of William Griffin, retired DS SA and Current Consultant

Louis (Bobby) Hollingsworth
Attending Virginia Tech, Son of Rob Hollingsworth, Security Engineering Officer - current

Erin Lutley
Attending St. John's Univ/SUNY College of Optometry, Daughter of Michael Lutley, Uniform Security Officer

Andrea Salazar
Attending George Mason University, Daughter of Jose Salazar DS/C/DC

6th Annual College Scholarship Award Winners - 2012

2012 Maxwell Robertson Harmon DSF Scholarship Award
Lauren Caprigione
Daughter of Pasquale Capriglione (retired SA), attending Virginia Tech

2012 DSF Scholarship Award
Joi Chu-Ketterer
Daughter of Keith Ketterer (Diplomatic Courier), attending Pitzer College

Amanda Haycook
Daughter of Stephan Haycook (Security Specialist DS/STO/OSB), attending School of Visual Arts

Kailyn Hornbeck
Daughter of Robert Hornbeck (Retired SA), attending College of William & Mary

Kathryn Hornbeck
Daughter of Joan Andrews (Asst SAC/WFO), attending University of Miami

Erica Loftin
Niece of Beth Trites (Retired SA), attending University of Virginia

5th Annual College Scholarship Award Winners - 2011

Spencer Bopp
Son of Joseph Bobb (SA), attending William & Mary

Vanessa Branch
Niece of Gloria Williams (Division Chief/Budge), attending Carnegie Mellon

Serina Hull
Daughter of Robert Charles Hull (Diplomatic Courier), attending Florida State

Jason McConnell
Son of Sean McConnell (SA), attending Univ. of Delaware

Wilbur Shirley
Son of Lena Shirley (DS Contractor), attending Univ of Ill at Urbana/Champagne

4th Annual DSF Scholarship Award Winners - 2010

Jenna Heather Danzig
James Madison University

Holly Marie Frock
Colorado Sate University

3rd Annual DSF Scholarship Award Winners - 2009

Meaghan E. Eicher
James Madison University

Michael Lucas Woods
West Point

2nd Annual DSF Scholarship Award Winner - 2008

Ashton Massey
Duke University

1st Annual DSF Scholarship Winner - 2007

Haley Smith