Congratulations to the 2018 winners!

We are happy to announce the winners of the 2018 DSF Scholarship award. Blind copies of the applications (all identifying information was hidden/removed) were reviewed by the DSF Scholarship Committee (consisting of three retired DS agents and one DSF Board Member). It was a difficult job to pare down the applicant pool as each student was outstanding in their own way. Six students were awarded the Finalist Award of $2,500, and eight others each received an Honorable Mention Award of $1,000, all to be used for their college education. All of the applicants had impressive academic and extra-curricular credentials and are to be commended for their achievements. We wish all of the candidates who applied for the scholarship the very best in their college careers. 
A list of previous scholarship winners (2007-2017) can be found here: Scholarship Awards

2018 DSF Scholarship Finalist Recipients - $2,500 Award

Ingrid Bayer
Gettysburg College
Daughter of Michael Bayer, SA Division Chief of Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program

Carmen Bruchnak
Augustana College
Daughter of Kirk Bruchnak, Investigative Specialist

Gabriella Chu
University of Virginia
Daughter of Martin Chu, Retired Agent

Jordan Delgado
Temple University
Son of Jorge Delgado, Special Agent

Annie Lu
University of Oxford
Daughter of Zhengfan Song, DS/T/TPS Sr. Distributed Learning Designer

Robert Weaver
Virginia Tech
Son of Robert S. Weaver, Financial Management Analyst RM-DS/C/PSP

Honorable Mention Recipients- $1,000 Award

Anna Maria Alexander
George Mason University
Daughter of Hoyt Alexander, Special Agent

Christian Beckmeyer
Christopher Newport University
Son of Charles Reed Beckmeyer, ATLas Branch Chief

Daniel Carroll
Virginia Military Institute
Son of Buddy Carroll, Supervisory Special Agent

Natalie Jumaoas
University of Tampa
Daughter of Norey Jumaoas, Contractor Systems Operations Administrator

Reece Motely
Christopher Newport University
Son of David Motley, Special Agent

Julie Romutis
Virginia Tech
Daughter of Timothy Romutis, DS Contractor

Corinne Trosch
Penn State University
Daughter of David Trosch, Special Agent

Lindsay Weitzel
Virginia Wesleyan University
Daughter of Robert Weitzel, Director of DSTC


A list of previous scholarship winners (2007-2017) can be found here: Scholarship Awards


Application available January 2019
(Copy of 2018 Application can be viewed here: 2018 Application)

The Diplomatic Security Foundation (DSF) awards an annual college scholarship of at least $2,500 to a high school senior planning on attending any institute of "higher" learning (at the university, community or vocational level). Depending on funds available, at least one award is made per year. DSF scholarships are available to students related to a Diplomatic Security employee who is either an active, retired, former or deceased employee, or a DS contractor, AND the employee/contractor must have/had three or more years of consecutive service with DS. The student may be a child, step-child, grandchild, step-grandchild or a ward of the DS employee/contractor. Eligibility criteria is listed in the application.

The 2019 award is for HS seniors entering their freshman year during the 2019-20 school year. Deadline for submission is May 15, 2019 (application must be received or postmarked by May 15 - transcripts and Letters of Recommendation are not held to this deadline but should be received by DSF no later than May 25). Award will be made late July 2019. 

  • A list of previous scholarship winners (2007-2017) can be found here: Scholarship Awards

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