Are you looking FOR DSSAA?

The Diplomatic Security Special Agents Association (DSSAA) is our partner organization. DSSAA is one of DSF's biggest supporters. DSSAA donates about $5,000 a year to DSF.  The two organizations used to be one, but separated years ago for tax purposes. DSSAA is  a fraternal, membership based organization. DSF is a public not-for-profit charity. 

If you'd like to learn more about DSSAA, become a member, or purchase merchandise, please visit the DSSAA website.

More about DSSAA from the their website:

DSSAA is a fraternal, benevolent association which is classified as a non-profit 501(c)(4). The association exists to foster the development of professional and personal relationships between DSS Special Agents, DSS personnel (former and current), other fraternal law enforcement organizations (i.e., FOP), law enforcement agencies and members of the intelligence community. We strive to establish a focal point of communication and promote the exchange of information regarding matters that are of mutual concern to DSSAA members.

While the DSSAA cannot serve as a bargaining unit, it endeavors to actively promote projects designed to support and benefit its members. Additionally, the DSSAA takes into account that an agent's family is an integral part of the DS organization. With our agents being asked more and more to operate in hostile environments, the fact that the DSSAA is standing by to assist family members during a crisis offers some relief and support to the DS Agent serving overseas.