Requesting Grant Support

“We protect the privacy of the individuals to whom we provide financial support. Requests are kept completely confidential and are only reviewed by members of the DSF Board. We do not publicize the names of those we help and often omit identifying information about recipients from our published list of grants.”

The Diplomatic Security Foundation is uniquely able to provide rapid response to requests for assistance during times of hardship or crisis. We encourage you to contact us if you think DSF may be of assistance. DSF is committed to expanding our outreach to those in need. 

Details of grant requests are submitted directly and exclusively to the DSF Board of Directors for consideration and require a majority vote. Complete confidentiality is maintained with the exception of information required by the Board to make a determination and when required by legal regulations governing the operation of a 501(3)c non-profit organization.

Make A Request

To request individual assistance from DSF, please send a detailed explanation that includes your name, the reason for your request, the amount that is needed, and your contact information.

To request assistance on behalf of an individual, please send a detailed explanation including the individual's name, position, details of their service to DS, the reason for the request, the amount requested, and your contact information. NOTE: RSOs must submit a request for assistance for anyone in their area. Requests are "NOT" limited to Department of State employees. You may submit a request for anyone providing professional service to DS.

If you have any questions or need additional information, or if you’d like to submit a written request, please contact us at or DSF, PO Box 228, Dunn Loring, VA 22027. 

Examples of Grants

Some examples of assistance provided by DSF are listed below. We are always interested in receiving requests for assistance in these situations and welcome requests for other circumstances not specifically indicated here.

  • Assistance with extraordinary medical expenses Awards to families of Foreign Service personnel

  • Travel expense assistance for family members to attend funeral/memorial services

  • Award to assist families suffering from natural disasters

  • Assistance with funeral/memorial expenses

  • Contributions to existing education and scholarship funds

A complete list of grants DSF has made in the past 10 years can be viewed on webpage GRANTS