Grants made this summer

Lot of grants going out our doors these past few months. Some of them heartbreaking, some of them heartwarming. We're so grateful to all of you who provide us with the donations that allow us to help those in our DS "family" during times of need. Keep donating!

Recent Grants since May: 
$2,640 to a local guard at the US Embassy La Paz, Bolivia, whose house was severely damaged by a fire
$3,000 to the family of a local guard at US Embassy Pristina, Kosovo who died of heart attack
$2,750 to an instructor at the ITF in Summit Point, WV, to help cover uninsured medial costs associated with cancer treatments. 
$5,000 to the family of a local guard at US Embassy Erbil, Iraq, who died after a battling lung cancer.
$6,715 for a local guard at US Embassy Sana'a, Yemen to assisted with medical costs for a kidney transplant
$3,000 to assist the family after the death of a DS Training Center instructor.

A link to all our Grants